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Nyssa & Star: Sleepy Girlfriends
Featuring Nyssa Nevers & Star Nine

Nyssa & Star have some chloroform to play with. Neither of them have tried it before. Star chloroforms herself, making sure that Nyssa isn't planning to do anything she wouldn't like first.

Nyssa plays with her cute sleepy toy, examining her hosed legs & feet, playing with her limp limbs, finding a tattoo that she didn't even know about. She kisses Star's toes before flipping her over to unhook her bra. She flips her back to see her bare tits, kissing them as well.

Nyssa plots about getting some more chloroform, imagining the uses.

When Star comes to Nyssa gives her a recap and asks how it felt for her? Star explains that it was like she didn't exist for awhile. She liked it. Nyssa asks if she wants to go back under and Star asks her to use her hands to put her out this time.

Includes 2 chloroform kos, self chloro, limp play, foot fetish, pantyhose

9 minutes


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I Followed Her Home
Featuring Alexis Blaze & Star Nine

I followed her home, it was so easy. She had no instinctual protections, no fear of being followed. No one had trained her to be on constant alert, to suspect the footsteps trailing her, to tightly close the building gate behind her. To be afraid for being a woman.

She looked innocent, clean, like a new coed. I came up behind her as she was fumbling with her keys, my rag wet and ready. She didn't even scream out, young girl without a voice, she struggled quietly until she went limp and heavy in my arms.

I dragged her into her apartment and placed her limp body on the couch. She's very, very limp, her arms like rubber. I sniff her arm, hoping she's as clean as I imagined. She smells like . . . baby wipes. I check her eyes, white, vacant. Totally out. I free her large breasts from their conservative bra & hike up her flowery skirt. I remove her shoes and sniff her dirty feet, they smell earthy. I tongue her nipple and she begins to wake up.

I reach for the chloroform as she becomes conscious and begins questioning me. Doesn't she remember me helping her? She was stumbling, she's lucky I came along before some man took advantage of the situation. She wants me to leave, but I'm not done yet. She struggles weakly while I put her back out.

I reposition her body & remove my pants. She's just my limp little toy now. I play with her limp arm, smelling her hand as I begin rubbing my pussy. I bounce her ample, young breasts around, getting off on how unaware and helpless my clean young plaything is.

Includes Chloroform KO x2, limp play, eye checks, solo masturbation, foot smelling, molestation

15 minutes


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Addie Goes Under
Featuring Addie Juniper & Star Nine

Girlfriends Addie & Star enjoy playing knock out games with each other. Addie's always a little nervous to go under, but that just adds to the excitement. It's Addie's turn to get chloroformed. Star kisses her gently after putting her out. She thinks about how really, she can do whatever she wants to Addie, even though she did say she would only do things she would like. Star slowly begins to strip her limp girlfriend, taking time to rub up against Addie's body and amuse herself with her limp limbs.

Addie begins to come to, half stripped. She laughs at her state and Star quickly puts her back under. She finishes stripping her and plays with her breasts. She positions Addie's limp body, spreading her legs. She has a great way to wake Addie up - Star holds the hitatchi against Addie's clit and she slowly comes to, gasping in pleasure.

Includes 2 chloroform kos, eye checks, limp play, girl/girl sexiness, forced orgasm

11 minutes


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Paris' Revenge
Featuring Paris Kennedy & Star Nine

Paris confronts Star, she found the vial of chloroform Star was using to help her relax the other day - that's why her head hurt! Not cool. Paris soaks the rag and presses it up against Star's face as revenge, but Star doesn't fight it. With Star out, Paris muses, imagining what Star might have done to her while she was out. She start's too see why Star might like chloroform, she can do anything she wants to her while she is out. Paris plays with her limp girlfriend for awhile until she comes to.

Star guesses that Paris found the chloroform. Paris has to admit that sleepy play is pretty fun, like having her own little doll she can do anything with. She puts Star back under again, telling her that she's not done with her yet, and she'll take her to the bedroom next time she wakes up.

Includes limp play, consentual chloroform, 2x kos

9 minutes


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Paris Needs To Relax
Featuring Paris Kennedy & Star Nine

Star creeps up on Paris while she is reading on the couch. She smiles as she produces a small bottle and white rag from her purse. Star greets Paris as she clamps the wet rag over her mouth, reassuring her that it's "just me" as Paris struggles and her eyes flutter shut. Star checks her eyes and plays with her limp body before beginning to strip her.

Paris wakes up, confused. Star tells her that she fell asleep. Paris asks why her pants are off. Star took them off , she's at home, she doesn't need to wear clothes! Paris' head is pounding, Star has just the thing to help. Star assures Paris that the chloroform will make her head stop hurting as Paris weakly tries to push the rag away from her face.

Star finishes stripping Paris, stroking her limp body & playing with her arms. Paris gently comes too, still sleepy. Star asks if she feels relaxed, Paris is relaxed, and very sleepy. Star says that she's been worried about how Paris is so stressed out all the time, it's important to just let your mind go completely blank every now and then.

Includes eyecheck, limp play, chloroform, 2x kos

10 minutes


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