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Paris Needs To Relax
Featuring Paris Kennedy & Star Nine

Star creeps up on Paris while she is reading on the couch. She smiles as she produces a small bottle and white rag from her purse. Star greets Paris as she clamps the wet rag over her mouth, reassuring her that it's "just me" as Paris struggles and her eyes flutter shut. Star checks her eyes and plays with her limp body before beginning to strip her.

Paris wakes up, confused. Star tells her that she fell asleep. Paris asks why her pants are off. Star took them off , she's at home, she doesn't need to wear clothes! Paris' head is pounding, Star has just the thing to help. Star assures Paris that the chloroform will make her head stop hurting as Paris weakly tries to push the rag away from her face.

Star finishes stripping Paris, stroking her limp body & playing with her arms. Paris gently comes too, still sleepy. Star asks if she feels relaxed, Paris is relaxed, and very sleepy. Star says that she's been worried about how Paris is so stressed out all the time, it's important to just let your mind go completely blank every now and then.

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2X KOs, Limp Play, EyeChecks, Lesbian Domination Sleep Fetish Assisted Stripping

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I Didn't Bring You Home To Play Games
Featuring Larkin Love & Star Nine

Larkin brought Star home from the club after plying her with drinks all night long, thinking she's going to get laid. Drunken Star is more interested in playing video games. Larkin did not spend all that money buying Star drinks just to come home and play games. When Star comes back from the bathroom, Larkin has a special game all set up for her - it starts with a little bit of chloroform.

Confused, Star doesn't put up much of a fight as her eyes roll back and flutter shut. Larkin examines her limp prize, pulling her dress aside to play with her nipples and pulling her panties down to sniff her pussy. Star starts to come to but Larkin isn't done playing with her yet. She licks up Star's neck with her long tongue before putting her out again.

Larkin strips Star down and then reaches for the hitatchi. She had thought that they would be able to use it together. Larkin massages her breasts with Star's limp hands, mounting her, she begins to grind on the hitatchi. She sticks her fingers in Star's unconscious mouth hole.

Star begins to wake & Larkin places the chloroform rag back over Star's mouth, but Star shakes her head. Larkin allows her to remain conscious as she continues to grind away to orgasm, forcefully pushing Star down with her hand before cramming her fingers back in her mouth.

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2X Chloroform KOs, Limp Play, Sleepy Sex, Lesbian Domination Hand Over Mouth Orgasms

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Vintage Chloro Girls
Featuring Jezabel Knight & Star Nine

Star is waiting for her girlfriend Jezabel Knight to get home, she has a huge surprise for her. Star & Jezabel had read about how the chloroform used in many snake oil remedies actually can make you completely unconscious like in the movies. Star finally managed to track some down.

Star knocks out Jezabel first, gazing tenderly at her as her eyes roll back and flutter. Star strips her down to her sexy vintage lingerie & full fashioned stockings. She plays with her limp girlfriend, running her hands along her body.

Jezabel comes to - she say's her head is foggy & she wants to go back to sleep. Star grabs the chloroform & Jezabel remembers. Star puts her under again. She plays with her limp girlfriend's feet and nylon legs, rubbing her face against them. She checks Jezabel's eyes to make sure she is still deeply under.

Star chloroforms herself, slumping to the floor, so that Jezabel will have a limp plaything when she comes to.

Jezabel awakens to her sleepy girlfriend, she pulls her back up onto the couch and removes her dress, giggling at Star's limp arms. She rubs Star's legs and kisses her feet. She checks to see if she can wake Star up, pinching her nipples, tickling her, shaking her head back and forth. Her head aching from the chloroform, Jezabel cuddles up to Star's body for a nap.

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Chloroform, Limp Play, Vintage Lingerie, Full Fashioned Stockings Hand Over Mouth HOM

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Sleepy Girlfriends

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